How aquaponics will revolutionise urban landscaping

Comment l’aquaponie peut-elle révolutionner la culture en ville ?

Do you know what the word aquaponics means? It is a word combining aquiculture – fish breeding – and hydroponics – growing plants in water. But, much more than that, this simple word means a process of integrated culture which could be the answer to the challenges of tomorrow’s world… We talked to Valérie Zimmermann, who runs the Ferme Aquacole d’Anjou, to find out more.

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Ecological town planning: what French laws and rules apply to vegetalising buildings?

Éco-urbanisme : quelles règles pour la végétalisation des bâtiments ?

With Ecological town planning, vegetalising urban buildings has become increasingly important. Besides being what the French want, vegetalising brings dull roofs alive, keeps homes cool in summer, retains rain water and cleans the air. What more could you ask for? A vegetalised roof certainly looks better than tiles or 100% concrete… however few laws exist and the rules remain hazy. To clear the ground we talked to Tarvel development manager Luc Proton! Continue reading…