Sport field maintenance: all-natural vs. synthetic grass

Entretien de gazon de terrain de sport : pelouse naturelle vs synthétique

Today, 98% of France’s local government authorities are directly responsible for maintaining their region’s publicly-owned sports facilities, including outdoor pitches and playing fields. As a result, many are wondering whether city councils should be opting for all-natural or synthetic grass. With the help of Eurofield’s Director General, Gilles Thillaye, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of both artificial turf and real grass, from upkeep and cost to environmental impact, ahead of Paysalia’s 2017 annual conference. Continue reading…

Therapeutic gardens: making the most of a garden’s virtues

Jardin thérapeutique : comment exploiter les vertus des jardins ?

It is true that all gardens do you good. And it is also true that Parks are the lungs of a city! So if they are a breath of fresh air when we need it, why not include them in health institutes? More and more of them, like the Jardins Art et Soin association, are convinced of their benefits. And that’s why there are more and more therapeutic gardens which are very enjoyable to walk in … but not only that.
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