Landscape planning and public health: working together for a brighter future

Landscape planning and public health

Green spaces, parks, urban walks – all of these are important parts of a healthy, happy life in our big cities. But behind France’s beautiful public gardens and forests lies an uncomfortable reality: the use of pesticides, nearly all of which are extremely harmful. Despite recent French legislation aimed at reducing the use of pesticides, finding a balance between urban greenery and public health still proves complicated. Pascal Goubier, Assistant Manager of Lyon’s Public Parks and Gardens and Hortis expert, explains why. Continue reading…

How aquaponics will revolutionise urban landscaping

Comment l’aquaponie peut-elle révolutionner la culture en ville ?

Do you know what the word aquaponics means? It is a word combining aquiculture – fish breeding – and hydroponics – growing plants in water. But, much more than that, this simple word means a process of integrated culture which could be the answer to the challenges of tomorrow’s world… We talked to Valérie Zimmermann, who runs the Ferme Aquacole d’Anjou, to find out more.

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