How aquaponics will revolutionise urban landscaping

Comment l’aquaponie peut-elle révolutionner la culture en ville ?

Do you know what the word aquaponics means? It is a word combining aquiculture – fish breeding – and hydroponics – growing plants in water. But, much more than that, this simple word means a process of integrated culture which could be the answer to the challenges of tomorrow’s world… We talked to Valérie Zimmermann, who runs the Ferme Aquacole d’Anjou, to find out more.

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A delight for the eyes – and the taste buds. Gardens your clients can eat!

jardin comestible

Edible gardens, edible and nourishing forests, the bases are the same – a healthy self-sustaining agroecosystem, inspired by nature, where all the plants cohabit with mutual respect. In fact a naturally logical garden in which you can eat everything that grows there. A concept which pleases – and is becoming more and more popular! Public authorities, holiday resorts – and if you made one for your own clients?

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